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Case Converter

Need to quickly change the case of some text? Case Converter has you covered. Our simple tool allows you to effortlessly convert text between lowercase, uppercase, sentence case, and more.

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Need to Quickly Change Text Case? Try Case Converter!

Do you ever find yourself frustrated when copying and pasting text, only to discover the capitalization is all wrong? Perhaps you want to format text in a specific style for visual interest or readability. Manually changing text case letter-by-letter can be tedious and time consuming. That's why our handy tool Case Converter is so useful!

Case Converter allows you to seamlessly transform text into your desired capitalization with just a few clicks. Our intuitive interface makes it simple to cycle your text between lowercase, uppercase, sentence case, title case, and more unique formats. Keep reading to learn all the ways Case Converter can save you time and effort when working with text.

Sentence Case

This tool automatically formats your text into proper sentences. It capitalizes the first letter of every sentence. All other letters in the sentence are converted to lowercase. This helps improve readability.

It transforms any instances of "i" to "I". This properly capitalizes the personal pronoun. It also capitalizes the first letter that appears after a period.

Lower Case

This tool converts all the text to lowercase letters. It transforms all uppercase letters into lowercase. Lowercase text has a more casual, friendly appearance.

Upper Case

This tool converts all the text to UPPERCASE letters. It transforms all lowercase letters into uppercase while keeping existing uppercase letters unchanged. Using all uppercase gives text a bold, eye-catching look.

Capitalized Case

This tool capitalizes the first letter of every word. The remaining letters in each word are converted to lowercase. This converts text into a proper noun format which is commonly used for names and titles. It improves readability by allowing the first letter of each word to stand out.

Alternating Case

This tool switches each letter between uppercase and lowercase within words. Every other letter cycles between uppercase and lowercase. This adds visual interest and makes the text appear animated or eye-catching.

Title Case

This tool capitalizes the first letter of every word to properly format text in title case. The rest of the letters are lowercased. Title case increases readability for headers, titles, book names, and more. Proper nouns remain capitalized.

Inverse Case

This tool inverts the current case formatting by switching lowercase letters to uppercase and vice versa. Any lowercase letters will become uppercase and any existing uppercase letters will convert to lowercase.

Download Text

You can save your converted text by using the “Download Text” button. This allows you to store the output as a .txt file on your device which you can access later.

Copy to Clipboard

The “Copy to Clipboard” button lets you quickly copy the converted output. You can then paste this text into any application or document on your device. This saves you time over manually copying and pasting text.


If you want to input new text to convert, first click the “Clear” button. This erases any text currently in the input box and allows you to type or paste fresh text to transform.

The Many Uses of Case Converter

As you can see, Case Converter allows you to easily change the capitalization of text to fit your needs. Our automatic formatting saves you the hassle of adjusting cases letter-by-letter manually. It works great when dealing with copied text, PDFs, book excerpts, code comments, and more.

Beyond aesthetics, alternate text cases can also boost security. For example, inverting the case when sending private info makes it less scanable. This lets you share things like credit card numbers electronically without fear of data detection, while still allowing the recipient to interpret the jumbled case.

The possibilities are endless for this handy tool. Students, teachers, writers, designers, developers, and everyday computer users can benefit. Try out the different formatting options on your own text to see the transformation!